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/ Posted By Colin Walker

Everyone is delighted to announce the launch of the new Tannoy Pro website.


Tannoy is a household name and must be one of the few businesses whose name eventually appeared in the Oxford Dictionary as “a type of public address system. In fact, few brands in audio have had such an impact in their field over a long period of time to enter the popular mindset in this way.

The past 35 years have seen the company base its manufacturing and Headquarters in Coatbridge, Scotland where it conceives, designs and manufactures market-leading loudspeaker systems for both professional/commercial install and residential/hi-fi markets. 

Tannoy remains at the forefront of the premium performance loudspeaker market, and notably, does so while maintaining its engineering and manufacturing base in the United Kingdom.

Tannoy Professional – the professional audio arm of the business – is dedicated to bringing Tannoy’s wealth of engineering expertise, market knowledge and brand values to both the commercial install and performance audio sectors. 

The success of these new products, and continuing focus on innovation and improvement, ensures that Tannoy Professional is well placed to remain a leading name in commercial install and performance audio for years to come.

We hope you will like the new site. It was created with Tannoy and reflects our passions for music, audio, design and new technologies.

It is our second site for MUSIC GROUP. www.labgruppen.com was successfully launched last year and is a site that demonstrates how they develop utterly reliable, sonically superior sound reinforcement products for the professional audio industry. 

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