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Awesome new Hip-Hop Flash Drives

/ Posted By Colin Walker

For the muso's amongst you, you'll know that some of the most ledgendary electronic records of the past 20 years have used either a SP1200 Sampler from E-MU electronics or an AKAI MPC drum pattern making device. A huge amount of the hip-hop and house drum loops that you hear were penned on at least one of the devices. I remember Edinburgh DJ Gareth Sommerville had an SP1200 which i got to mess about and have fun with for a while, it had me drooling for one for about 5 years afterwards. These devices now go for a lot of cash especially the SP1200 which was made famous by house music pioneers 'Masters at Work', notably for the drum loops created in their sublime dub on Tito Puente's  'Rak Kan Kan' track from about 1991 on Elektra.

Tiny replica's of these devices have been turned into USB keys and i think they are rather sweet. The detail is great and i think you should get yourself over to www.juno.co.uk to purchase one of these little bits of music making history without the hefty price tag!

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