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Become socially anonymous with Pencourage

/ Posted By Colin Walker

If you havent tried Pencourage just yet, you are in for a bit of surprise. Pencourage is an anonymous social networking platform which has struck a chord right across the planet from users who have been searching for a place to let go, be honest and feel free to write what ever they want.

Dont get me wrong, penning a brand new social network from scratch is no mean feat, however our talented team have hand crafted Pencourage in only two months. Take up has been phenominal, the quality of the content has astounded us and the growth the site is showing each day is starting to worry the Sys Admins!

The web UX has been designed to provide'at a glance' content and fast access to posts and replies. Users can tag a heartfelt post with images, video, spotify audio, youTube audio, links, surveys and much much more.

Users can only pen one journal entry a day with a maximum of 200 words. Users can request help and can rate the level of assistance they receive. Readers can send 'Love' to other users to let them know they are listening and the authors of journals know they are being listened to as each post carrys a readership statistic, one of the most sticky features of the site thus far.


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