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Crafted with passion

/ Posted By Colin Walker

Passion, it’s a funny word. Bit of a cheezfest really.

But often we take stock and look at what we have produced of late and reflect on how successful the projects have been, once handed over to the capable hands of our wonderful clients.

As an agency, we avoid entering awards finding them to be money making exercises where only those who enter can win. In the past we would enter award categories only to find we are the only agency to pay the 500 quid to enter, pointless really, like buying an award. So….. we watch our competitor agencies win another fake award and use the short-lived fame as another social media opportunity. I guess it works to some extent but just doesn’t sit well with our psyche.

Anyway, browsing through craftscotland.com this morning reminded me of just how capable we are. Having produced digital for many Arts based organisations over the years, when we won the tender to design and develop this site for the national body that looks after Craft in Scotland we decided, it had to represent us and much as it did Craft Scotland. Having created sites for Edinburgh Printmakers , Street Level PhotoworksProbation LondonLeith School of Art  and Visual Arts Scotland  to name a few we felt that we were a really good fit.

Great Typography, fast page delivery, gorgeously responsive & super tasteful page layouts all combine to showcase a beautiful site, surely highlighting some of the UK’s most talented makers. Artisans, such as Myer Halliday, Patricia Shone & Jonathan Pang all presented in a way which makes their work shine.

The Craft Scotland site is a lesson in interface design. Web design is about creating an interface subordinate to the content, an interface that from a UX perspective delivers a housing with which to present content managed media. It might seem odd, and don’t get me wrong, designing a great UX is difficult, perplexing at times but if done well it lets a brand breathe, and gives it the very best opportunity to succeed.

I’m proud of that site, I’m proud of the team that built it. A passion for design, a passion for UX and a passion for the beautiful art of coding made it all come together.


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