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Go farah than Mo Farah

/ Posted By Colin Walker

We were so inspired by Mo Farah's outstanding performance at the London Olympics in amongst all the other sterling performance from the members of team GB that we decided to construct an HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery game to celebrate & also to have a bit of a well earned break for the team from our busy studio schedule.

The brief was simple: Develop an entirely client side game which would scale well and build within one day from initial concept to implementation surrounding the Olympics, launch it, seed it virally and make it soar!

The team came up with gofarahthanmofarah.com , they designed, constructed it and seeded it throughout the social networks and in all the right places in one day and the results were outstanding! It was played by thousands in it's first day. The game was retweeted by many prominent tweeters including the Commonwealth Games 2014. The aim of the game is to compete on duration, speed and distance in a Daley Thomson style game based around the main Athletics event.

It's testamount to the fact that Viral ideas can and need to be conceived concisely and quickly, often in response to an event or newsworthy subject matter. Traffic soared to the website and invariably pushed a huge amount of traffic to our website generating subsequent sales enquiries.

Quite simply companies should take the time to construct viral ideas, no matter how off kiltr from their primary subject matter as it's amazing how well it puts you in front of customers you would otherwise not gain access to. You may even have a bit of fun developing your idea!

Why no have a go for yourself?

Now back to the real work!! :-)


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