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Growing again - Great Developers Wanted!

/ Posted By Colin Walker

Frontend Developer

About You

We would like to see an established portfolio of professional and relevant work. We would like to hear what went wrong and what went right with all/most of them. If 'nothing went wrong', just remember 'honesty is the best policy'. Additionally we would love to see a body of personal 'passion' work if you have it, but it is not required.

We do not like know-it-alls, but we love folks that know a bunch.

Technical Experience

  • PHP & MySQL a must
  • Apache/mod_rewrite a huge plus 
  • Experience with CAKE PHP / Drupal / Zend would be wonderful, though experience with other frameworks is a definite plus 
  • Though you should know that framework zealots need not apply. We use a variety of solutions for the variety of problems we encounter
  • Deep understanding and comfort-level with writing/using Jquery. High aptitude for finding/using/implementing (and sometimes re-purposing) javascript plugins, as well as a willingness to learn how to create/write javascript from scratch using larger framework extensions such as backbone.js, etc. CSS mastery. 
  • SASS/Compass would be a huge plus.
  • A working knowledge with Git, and an (immediate) understanding of what Codebase is and how to learn how to use it.


  • High comfort level with extrapolating on themes and interpreting direction and feedback 
  • Listening ears. A willingness to hear, understand, and follow a plan.
  • Someone who knows how to disagree without arguing.
  • A good judge of estimating. And then 7 times out of 10, you need to be able/want to beat that by 20 percent or more.


  • Design experience
  • Knowledge of traditional and digital agency process and culture


  • No thanks!


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