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Growing with Everyone

/ Posted By Colin Walker

We are very lucky to have recently recruited the skills of 3 very talented individuals to the team in the form of Steven Sinclair (Developer) , Dave Hall (Designer) and Hilary Laing (Social Media Consultant). The growth in numbers is due to our commitment to our customers and to grow with their needs.

The overdue appointment of additional design and development staff has increased our ability to deliver and both Dave and Stephen are time proven, experienced digital media professionals and are welcome additions to the team!

The appointment of a dedicated Social Media Consultant allows us to more cohesively develop editorial content, plan campaigns, introduce recruitment strategies and measure the growth of your brand online via all the social media channels.

We currently Social media for several brands such as Black Bottle, Bunnahabhain and many more and regularly show steady growth of around 10% new user recruitment per month in most cases. When backed by our experienced tech/design team the end results are tangible, 'on brand' and measurable.

We have invested in sophisticated software which analyses your brand message across all the networks and provides user friendly 'snap shot' views of your brands overall performance across all networks from gender to age demographic, from most popular post to visitor geography. Our ability to schedule messages provides you with 24 / 7 / 365 coverage throughout all the networks and positions you as an active and engaging brand at all times. :-)

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