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Summer Breezin'

/ Posted By Colin Walker

It's that time of year for a game of golf, a trip to the theatre at an arts festival or a day out to an ancient castle in beautiful scenery. Don't let the driech weather stop you.

With this cheery notion in mind, we are delighted to launch three sites, each with their own particular story and unique outcome.

First up, Golf Punk. A magazine which was launched in 2004 by Tim Southwell and John Dean, the former who launched the hugely successful Loaded in 1994.

Golf Punk enjoys part-investment by several Premier League footballers and we have worked with them to create a dynamic, modern online presence that befits the strapline “The Golf Mag for the Rest of us”.

Choc full of bright features, seriously useful golf tips, fashion updates and competitions, it’s the modern guide to a game that many – including Rory McIlroy himself - perhaps feel needs a fresh slant in the modern era.

Have a look and see what you think.


Edinburgh-based Lung Ha Theatre Company aims to be a leading theatre company for people with learning disabilities, in Scotland and Internationally.

Formed in 1984, it is truly a leader in creative theatre and, last year, we created a new brand for them.

This warmly received new look has now been galvanised with a state of the art website which will tell you all about their new shows, behind the scenes updates and dynamic images of their often stunning performances.


Finally, for now at least, we love to have a client for life and Old Castle Lachlan is a project that Everyone is particularly fond of, having been with us from day one.

A tranquil ruin set on the beautiful shores of Loch Fyne in Argyll, it is a popular place for visitors. The brand new, responsive website tells you all about its history, with news, activities and a gallery to set the scene further.

However, as the title suggests, it is not a new build and, indeed, has an incredible place in Scotland’s colourful history. Therefore, large part of the site is dedicated to its conservation, outlining the problems it faces and the plans in place to solve the, Additionally, users can donate.

So, you can contribute to a lasting legacy of an important part of Scottish heritage.


We hope you like these sites. We have much more in the pipeline between now and the end of summer so look out for updates on projects which encompass luxury sportswear, tourism and home design / build.

In the meantime, hope you have a great summer and grab at least some sunshine in the coming weeks and months ahead. Should any of our work interest you, feel free to contact us any time.

Colin Cook
Business Development
Floor 2 – North
93 Candleriggs
G1 1NP

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