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Welcome Andrea

/ Posted By Hilary Laing

Say a BIG HELLO to Andrea who joined the Everyone team this week as project manager.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Hands-on, mindful, thorough 

What brought you back to the motherland?

It was hard to leave London, and most importantly friends, but the time had to come to stop renting. When buying wasn’t an option in central London 

and we couldn’t bring ourselves to commute in from the ‘burbs - it was time to go. 

We had spent time in Glasgow over the years and when it came to the move, we felt the city could offer us the home/work/life balance we were looking for. 

What made you want to come and work for Everyone?

Intrigued by the job description and the clients/work. Could feel from the off that it might be a good fit - working with the right people is half the battle. 

Also the opportunity to bring my existing skills to a new work place, while having the chance to learn and get more experience in the digital world. 

What experience did you gain working in London for the past 10 Years?

London can be fast-paced/busy/relentless, so it’s about finding, or carving out, your own space amongst all that is going on. 

You have to shout a little bit louder to be heard, but that makes you stronger, more practical, thoughtful - and definitely more agile. 

Being the centre of such a large city hub, you do get to meet the widest range of companies, organizations and people, so I feel that I benefited 

greatly from the wealth of experiences. I don’t think anyone has ‘seen it all’, but I’m sure I got close! 

What are your staple things you cannot live without?

In no particular order: 

Paper and pen. WIFI. Avocado. Vic n Bob. Gene Pitney. Dutch flea markets. Frittes. My glasses. Oversized plastic jewellery. 

What motivates you?

For me it comes down to getting things done, doing them well, and your work being well received. There is a lot in that to take pride in. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Two days in and I’m thinking about the possibilities at Everyone, there is lots of scope to grow. 

But hopefully still doing the above (What motivates you) well. Working in a creative environment for sure!  

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

I might need to think about this one! 

I think achievements are what you get out of every day. If you feel like you did your best/gave it your all, solved some problems and made someone smile - then that’s an achievement in itself. 

What do you think you will love about working in the centre of Glasgow?

At the moment I’m looking forward to a 20 minute commute!

You can’t beat the buzz of being in the centre of a city. 

Plenty to do and see in passing. It definitely perks up the lunch hour wander. 


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