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X marks the spot

/ Posted By Colin Walker

We've been busy helping DF Concerts launch TRNSMT 2020 with an online game which seeks to utilise Google's street view API in order for festival goers to guess next years line up and share their success through social media channels.

The game provides cryptic clues which the audience use to guess a famous Scottish venue and in turn reveal the name of the artist in a fun, time based game running over a 1 hour period with new clues revealed every 5 minutes.The audience search through street view for the venue and then search round the street scape or venue for a massive floating X. Clicking on the X reveals the artist and lets them post the big reveal to Social media.

The game requires to cope with huge load and our unique 3 tier caching infrastructure, coupled with several load balanced servers, CDN delivery of assets and robust failover systems mean that the game will be enjoyed by all without slowdown or failure.

Prior to any large marketing campaign such as this our infrastructure team load test the mechanic to levels well above and beyond the expected traffic levels to ensure availability.

The game launches on the 26th November 2019 at 4PM, so be sure to visit https://trnsmtfest.com/ and get involved!


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