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Craft Scotland supports makers and promotes craft. We were asked to engineer a design and digital platform that reinvigorated and engaged with its audience, while also showcasing the best of contemporary craft, confidently positioning the organisation as the main destination and resource for the craft industry in Scotland.

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In our initial discovery phase, a primary goal was to improve the creation and maintenance of pages, categories, and site components. Historically, these aspects often led to a compromised user journey, causing frustration and damaging the site's reputation.

We also focused on understanding the type of content that would resonate with the target audience, shaping the site around user preferences.

Consequently, aligning the content strategy with the customer journey became a central theme in delivering a solid and thoughtful platform. 

Creating a scalable structure was crucial to support various elements such as articles, resources, events, the maker directory, and, importantly, self-service and ecommerce functionality.

Being a highly creative and visually focused organization, our design approach played a significant role. We treated the site more like an arts journal, adopting a minimalist design that showcased the creativity of the makers.

Developing a bespoke CMS using open-source technologies provided a scalable digital platform. This approach allowed us to achieve the desired aesthetic while ensuring precise functionality to support the organisation's future goals and ambitions.

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‘Efficiency and possibility, that is what this digital transformation has brought to the Craft Scotland. The functionality of our website has greatly streamlined our online processes, given us new insights into our audiences and allowed us to create more efficiencies within our work, giving us more time to concentrate on creating engaging digital campaigns. The beauty of the design and the bespoke CMS that Everyone has built created unique solutions to our complicated procedures, ultimately allowing us to advance Craft Scotland’s organisational and marketing goals, and therefore positively impact the Scottish Craft sector.’

Veronique AA Lapeyre, Head of Communications & Digital


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