We are equal parts design agency, software engineering firm and consultancy. Our approach draws the best elements of each to deliver transformative work for our clients. 

  • Insight Driven

    We use the power of research and data to uncover insights that lead to transformational change.

  • User Focused

    We aim to place the human at the centre of all our work, ensuring we connect with and reach your target audiences.

  • Transformative

    We look to take your business on to its next evolution, helping it to grow and be agile enough to handle the shape of its future.

  • Impactful

    We deliver work that is meaningfully considered to exceed the aims and ambitions of your business objectives, with strict focus on your bottom line.

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The everyone team

Dino Squillino

Dino Squillino
Founding Partner, Creative Director

Colin Walker

Colin Walker
Founding Partner, Technical Director

Zara McCaskie

Zara McCaskie
Project Manager

Becky Alves

Becky Alves
Project Manager


Kyle Shearer
Technical Team Leader

David Hall

Dave Hall
Senior Designer

Euan Maxwell

Euan Maxwell
Junior Developer


Ruben Perez


Cairn MacGregor

Hilary Laine

Hilary Laing
Social Media Executive

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Current vacancy
Web developer

Everyone is made up of software engineers, designers, project managers and marketing professionals all with that inbuilt passion, drive and enthusiasm to make great things happen. If you have got the skills and the right attitude we want to hear from you.

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Our studio is located in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre

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